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I founded this company on 2017, by the name of mama's house, I started working from home with Homemade Soaps and some Crafts, more like a hobby,  after moving with my husband, I was working in some projects for my home, and I received some love, so, I decide to pursuit my talent and become an Interior Designer. 


I love all about DIY Project since i was 17, I have never imagined I will end doing what I love.


I born in Peru, I speak Spanish, English and French.  Not projects are big or small for help you with the supervision, vendors, materials and styles. 


Let me help you with your project! and also, check my website for links where you can also see some style you might like. 


I work together with my husband who is a contractor remodeler for more of 25 years in the field. 

We are a solid team working together and bring good and quality service for our clients.

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